Other Attachments


• 360-degrees directional work ability.
• Steel structures like H-beams or I-beams can be
cut in a single cut.
• Easier Cutter replacement.
• Scientific cutting structure and excellent durability.
• The Speed-up valve can accelerate work speed

Fixed Crusher

• Enhanced durability with wear-resistant teeth material.
• Diversified teeth enable fine crushing, which enhances
work efficiency.
• Lower noise, less vibration design enables works in almost
any environments.
• Economical demolition by crushing the concrete and cutting
the reinforced steel bars in it for separation purpose.
• The Speed-up valve can accelerate work speed (option).
• Option : Tooth replacement type (DMC140~DMC300).

 fixed crusher
Rotating Crusher

• 360-degrees directional work ability.
• Available for separating and cutting steel bars as well as
breaking columns.
• Enabled demolition in narrow building spaces or noise
regulated environments with innovative performance.
• The Speed-up valve can accelerate work speed (option).
• Option : Tooth replacement type (DMC230R, DMC330R).

 rotating crusher
Mini Crusher

• Dual cylinder system for speedy & powerful operation.
• Enhanced durability by applying HARDOX.
• Easy maintenance.
• Powerful performance with minimum vibration.
• The Speed-up valve can accelerate work speed (option).
• Free rotating type (Standard).

 mini crusher
Quick Coupler

• Various applications with the wide PIN TO PIN
• Outstanding durability by using abrasionresistant
and high strength material.
• Safety valve integrated cylinder and manual
safety pin.
• Low off-set height and up to date design.


• Specifically designed to pre-rip frozen ground
or tough soil that exceeds the bucket’s
recommended duty.
• Used for removing stumps, roots, or rebar.
• High strength solid shank.
• Single & Double points type available.
• Installing adaptor is an option
(Standard has no Adaptor).

 Car Dismantler

• A fine combination of clamp arm and 360°
rotation cutter efficiently demolish scrapped car.
• The powerful mechanism allows speedy
demolition without preprocess such as fusing
chassis frame.
• One-man car demolition for higher productivity.


Clamshell Bucket

• Pendulum Type.
• Rotating Options : Hydraulic Rotating Type,
Free Rotating Type, Fixed Type Available.
• Teeth can be Installed as Option. Standard
Clamshell has no teeth.


• Stronger breaking power maximizes work efficiency.
• Both crushing concrete and cutting reinforced steel is
available by switching Arms.
• Improved work ability and mobility by adopting
hydraulic rotating motor.
• Durability guaranteed by improved design.
• Reliability enhanced by Quality Assurance System.
• The Speed-up valve can accelerate work speed (option).

Material Handler

• High strength, low alloy steel yields maximum strength
to weight ratio.
• Large diameter pins and wide joints absorb the strain
of big loads.
• Two pieces Material Handler supplied as standard.
• A large variety of grapples and clamshell buckets